Juniper Tincture

Juniper Tincture

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Welcoming Juniper to the tincture family at Jolene Melissa Officinalis!  Juniper is fantastic to aid digestion and is a host to many anti-bacterial properties.  Our juniper tincture is made with Blueberry Juniper Berries and Greens, all local Ontario harvested.

Why Juniper?  Here is some background:

The mature female cones of the juniper berries have been used for thousands of years. Extracts from the juniper were historically used to treat many ailments, including snake bites and worms (in the intestines). North American natives used juniper berries to treat conditions such as tuberculosis, bladder infections, and more. Juniper berries have also been used as a flavoring for foods that were pickled, and as a popular flavoring for food and alcoholic beverages.

Juniper berries have been used to flavor gin, a liquor developed in the 17th century in the Netherlands. Other juniper-flavored alcoholic beverages include the Finnish rye-and-juniper beer made from the juniper berries and branches.

Some other issues juniper can support are the following:
-diuretic effect (increases urine output, reduces edema, and helps to lower blood pressure)

-skin health

-anti-inflammatory (reduction of swelling) properties

-antiseptic and antimicrobial properties (including anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects such as killing Candida fungus)

antioxidant properties (reduces damage caused by free radicals)

-cytotoxic (anti-cancer) properties

-gastrointestinal irritant (promotes digestion)

-neuroprotective properties (protects the brain and nervous system)

This tincture was crafted in a 1:1 ratio and uses Tag Number 5 vodka which is distilled in Ontario. The tincture is a great alternative to our tea as it can be easily used on the go.  This tincture is a limited edition offering due to seasonal availability of the plant.

All tincture use cold maceration methods of extraction to endure that the broad spectrum of therapeutic compounds-vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, flavonoids and other active constituents of the herb are fully extracted and maintained.